Fire System Technology

Discharge Tests

EUROGARDIAN srl has run extensive extinguishing tests on its inert-gas systems for each of the fire types defined in the EN14520 standard. The discharge tests were conducted at the TE.S.I. authorized laboratory in Anagni.
The video shows an argon-gas discharge on a Class A fire (wood crib). The flames are extinguished within a few seconds and the risk of re-ignition is eliminated when the concentration is maintained for 10 minutes. .

"Download Video"

Valve Production

At EUROGARDIAN srl, valve assembly is carried out from start to finish at company premises and only by specialized personnel. Each component is assembled and subjected to pressure and operational testing in accordance with the EN12094-series standards. Production, managed according to ISO9001 quality standards, comprises the phases listed below:

  • Dimensional control
  • Verification of materials certifications
  • Branding
  • Cleaning of components by ultrasound or acid pickling
  • Assembly
  • Pressure and operational testing
  • Packaging


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