Cylinders filling

EUROGARDIAN srl is fully equipped with the all the systems required for filling and transferring inert gases and HFCs. The company"s gas filling facilities ensure fast, safe service, stricter product control, and a considerable reduction in the risk of releasing the extinguishing agents into the atmosphere.

Periodic inspection of gas cylinders

Periodic inspection of pressurized containers has, for some years now, been a requirement in many of the world"s countries. Today, European Directives 99/36/EC and 2010/35/EU concerning transportable pressure equipment (TPED) and 2008/68/EC concerning inland transport of dangerous goods provide a standardized framework for technical specifications for cylinder inspection. The inspection procedures and requirements are described in Annexes A and B of the ADR (European Agreement on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods).

Fire-extinguishing system cylinders must be inspected once every 10 years.

Door fan test

The integrity of any protected area equipped with a total flooding system must be checked to locate and efficaciously seal any significant air leaks. Leaks can result in failure to maintain the concentration level of the extinguishing agent for the specified period of time. Verification of leaks must be conducted via the "Door Fan Test." The test protocol is published in Annex E to the UNI EN 15004-1 standard, Requisiti generali (General Requirements).

Design and Engineering

EUROGARDIAN srl can provide support for designing gas-powered fire-fighting systems that meet the requirements of the major national and international standards and guidelines. EUROGARDIAN makes use of dedicated software for calculating distribution network piping sections to ensure that discharge is accomplished within the times established by the applicable standards.


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