Fire Suppression Systems and Solutions

EUROGARDIAN srl, specializing in gas fire extinguishing systems, is located in Arezzo. An Italian market presence since 1976, EUROGARDIAN got its start as an installer of fire detection and suppression systems. In 2006, it became a producer company in its own right, exploiting acquired on-the-ground experience and upgrading the technical department. From that moment on, EUROGARDIAN has been designing and producing many of its system components in-house. EUROGARDIAN products are certified under the EN12094-series standards by third-party certification institutes and meet all the requirements laid down by applicable European Directives (CPD and PED). UNI EN ISO 9001 certification guarantees the quality of the services offer.

Thanks to its investments in human and technical resources, EUROGARDIAN srl operates independently throughout the Italian territory, with a branch sales office in Bergamo.

The ample range of products in stock ensure that EUROGARDIAN srl can meet customers" every need, from simple supply of equipment to "turnkey" service. What"s more, specialized personnel can provide all those after-sales services –such as recharging with extinguishing gas, periodic inspection and re-certification of gas cylinders, equipment, and software, hydraulics calculations, maintenance, overhaul, technical consulting, risk analysis, project development, training courses, and door fan tests – that are essential for guaranteeing correct system maintenance and performance over time.

The extinguishing agents used in the fire-suppression systems are inert gases (IG-01, IG-100, IG-55, IG-541), halogenated hydrocarbons (HFC227ea, HFC125, HFC23), and carbon dioxide (CO2). The extinguishing agents are all "clean" gases with zero impact on the environment and protected objects. Each "family" of gases acts on fire by different mechanisms (cooling, oxygen depletion, chemical action, etc.) and each has a specific field of application.

EUROGARDIAN srl is an ideal point of reference for technical studios and designers/engineers interested in systems of this type. State-of-the-art design and maintenance of the fire-extinguishing systems makes use of specially-developed system dimensioning software to ensure that the systems meet the requirements of Italian law and the most widely-applied European and international standards and guidelines.


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