Fire Protection for Healthcare Industry

EUROGARDIAN srl is specialized in gas fire extinguishing systems. The components of our fire suppression systems ( valve, gas cylinder) are designed and producted in-house. All product are certified under the EN12094-series standards.

In a sensitive area such as Healthcare Industry where the action of water as the extinguishing agent is more harmful than fire, the use of technologies based on gas fire suppression are the ideal solution.

Eurogardian provides inert and chemical gaseous fire suppression systems since 1976. The benefits of Eurogardian’s solutions in comparison to the traditional water-based systems are:

  • Low cost of charging
  • Faster action with respect to water
  • Safe for personnel
  • Leaves no residues
  • Prevents damage caused by smoke and ash
  • Does not cause damage to protected equipment and objects.

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Our Waterless Fire Suppression System

IG 300 bar

The IG systems use the inert gases argon and nitrogen as extinguishing agents in TOTAL FLOODING systems. Argon and nitrogen are pure, natural products present in the atmosphere. In contact with flame, they produce no type... Details >

HFC 42 bar

HFCs are pure gases that leave no oily residues; they have minimal environmental impact and no depleting effect on the ozone layer. HFC227ea and l’HFC125 are over-pressurized with nitrogen to 42 bar. HFC23 saturates... Details >

CO2 High Pressure

Carbon dioxide is a non-corrosive, odorless, colorless gas. During discharge, it presents as a white fog; it does not dirty or otherwise negatively affect the materials with which it comes into contact. The principle of... Details >

Pressure relief device

Pressure relief device limits the overpressure occurring in the enclosure during discharge. It is a opening closed with gravity louvers. Details >

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